Performance Marketing

Operating in the digital sphere is competitive, and every additional component you utilise could be the influential piece that sets you apart from the competition. It’s not enough to simply be present in performance marketing, you need to implement your campaigns with a strategy formed alongside decisive information. This is where Adsmania comes in.

Upon every login you’re greeted with key insights that relate to your campaigns, and have the ability to utilise a reliable affiliates who are sought-after for their content and targeted audience. As a platform established on the merits of transparency, you can track the interactions of your audience and create a path to purchase that will facilitate desired results. All whilst opening the door to a number of global opportunities with an team who possess an in-depth knowledge of your industry.

The Basics

Our network is a collection of the leading authorities on the internet, and once you’ve employed your campaign with us, you can feature your brand and product with an array of reputable affiliates. Through exposure to their targeted audience, you can leverage your online advertising by delivering high quality visitors to your site.

No Win No Pay

We’ve adopted a no-win-no-pay model, so if you don’t get paid, neither do we. Therefore it’s in our best interest to see you operating optimally and fully utilising our platform. By offering a variety of payment solutions through which you pay a set commission only when you achieve results, our aim is to ensure the campaign you have can be tailored to your desired outcomes.

Virtual Salesforce

Pairing you with the affiliates that best represent your brand or products, and arranging them to advocate or sell your campaign. The exhausting task of searching for affiliates is made easier by the process of them approaching and registering with you.



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